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COMPETITION TIME! …. 10 CD’s to Giveaway…. 

Who wants to win a copy of our new “LIVE” CD???  It’s pure Elixir For Your Ears and those who have buyed and tried so far have not come back whingin’ and a-winin’ that they wants their pennies back… we’ve tested it on Goat Herds up and down the Bruce Highway and it is the most bona fide bootlegged product you’ll git yer hands on this century!

All you have to do is take a photo of yourself (or yer friends) with ANY of our merchandise that you have at home and post it to our Facebook page with a sentence explainin' why you should win.  You can see the fine photographic example below that we shot for y’all yesterday.  Make it as CRAZY and CREATIVE as possible and we’ll be randomly selecting 10 dedicated fans to sample this Elixir in your own dwellings Free of Charge!!!  It’s that simple – start now and share with yer friends if you think they’d like a shot of Elixir.  Winners announced on FB as we go…

Wintermoon Festival 

WOW!  We've done many festivals over the last 7 years, but we've found a new sacred place in Wintermoon Festival, Central Qld  :)  The people, the land, the love, the bands - what a very special weekend it was and we are honoured to have been a part of it.  One of the things we cherish most in touring are the new friends and families we make along the way.... thanks to everyone involved in weaving the magic of Wintermoon 2014 and we can't wait to make the journey back there next May.

We've got 3 more shows to go on the "Come Get Your Medicine Tour"  - Cairns and Yorkeys Knob this weekend coming up, and Cooktown the following weekend... thanks to everyone who's purchased some "Elixir" along the way!  Hope y'all like it as much as we do.  It was a fun project to record a "Live Show" of songs that we LOVE to play that didn't quite fit our Mountain Show CD's mixed with some of your favourites from our Still in the Mountains Show album.  Here's a list of the Elixir ingredients.  If you haven't yet got your medicine, you'll find it available for purchase at our shows, or through our online store.

OK - you wanna see the front of the bottle???

Stay tuned - giveaways to come!!!

Come Get Your Medicine Tour... 

Goats are heading out on the road again and this time their cases will be filled with "Elixir For Your Ears" - a LIVE CD Bootlegged from a Cairns show late last year!!!  Check out the tour dates below to see when the Medicine Wagon will be rolling into a town near you.  If you can't make it to a show this ELIXIR is now available through our online store.  If you're sick of overproduced music then this product is definitely for you!  Let's get this Wagon rolling south....


“Goooood Morning Country!!!”  Our latest album, Still in the Mountains Show, is about to be featured by Walshy all next week as Good Morning Country’s Album of the Week! 

Armed with 7 albums to GIVE AWAY, Walshy chats with Goat Boy & Goat Girl every morning about the album, the band, the year ahead and he will even put them on the couch for a psych session!!! 

This album feature will be broadcast across the nation on approximately 80 networks, so most of you Goat fans have a chance to tune in… stations syndicating the show can be found at Good Morning Country  (times will vary from station to station)

Now you must go set your alarm clock, write a memo in your diary or staple a note to your forehead to remind yourself to tune in daily from Monday 31st March – Friday 4th April for your chance to win a copy of the featured album!


We won the "Cairns Post Hit Awards" 2014 Best Local Group... Again!! 

This past week we have been celebrating taking out The Cairns Post Hit Award for Best Local Group for the second year running!
It has been wonderful to come home to this award after an incredibly busy start to the year with our month long tour to the Tamworth Country Music Festival.
Last Thursday we attended the Cairns Post Hit Awards 2014 hosted by the Jack in Cairns, and got a chance to mix with some of the fantastic Cairns music scenesters; a host of great local performers, press, venue owners and music lovers. 
To cap off a night of live local entertainment, we also had the honour of getting to take home the award, after a staggering 25,000 votes were cast during the competition!

Accepting our award at The Jack. That's some happy Goats!

We would love to say a huge thank you to everyone who has thrown their weight behind us, the fans who come to see us and the venues for believing in us.
To win this award has been heart warming, it has shown us just how many wonderful local Goat fans we have here in North Queensland. After touring so extensively in 2013 its great to know we have such good support where it all began, at home.
We have also gotten some pretty glowing press in both The Cairns Post and The Port Douglas And Mossman Gazette in regards to the award, which makes us feel just a bit spesh. Thank you for promoting the thriving live music scene in North Queensland.

Click for the full article in The Cairns post

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, we're still smiling!