COMPETITION TIME! …. 10 CD’s to Giveaway….

Who wants to win a copy of our new “LIVE” CD???  It’s pure Elixir For Your Ears and those who have buyed and tried so far have not come back whingin’ and a-winin’ that they wants their pennies back… we’ve tested it on Goat Herds up and down the Bruce Highway and it is the most bona fide bootlegged product you’ll git yer hands on this century!

All you have to do is take a photo of yourself (or yer friends) with ANY of our merchandise that you have at home and post it to our Facebook page with a sentence explainin' why you should win.  You can see the fine photographic example below that we shot for y’all yesterday.  Make it as CRAZY and CREATIVE as possible and we’ll be randomly selecting 10 dedicated fans to sample this Elixir in your own dwellings Free of Charge!!!  It’s that simple – start now and share with yer friends if you think they’d like a shot of Elixir.  Winners announced on FB as we go…