COMPETITION TIME! …. 10 CD’s to Giveaway….

Who wants to win a copy of our new “LIVE” CD???  It’s pure Elixir For Your Ears and those who have buyed and tried so far have not come back whingin’ and a-winin’ that they wants their pennies back… we’ve…Read more

Wintermoon Festival

WOW!  We've done many festivals over the last 7 years, but we've found a new sacred place in Wintermoon Festival, Central Qld  :)  The people, the land, the love, the bands - what a very special weekend it was and…Read more

Come Get Your Medicine Tour...

Goats are heading out on the road again and this time their cases will be filled with "Elixir For Your Ears" - a LIVE CD Bootlegged from a Cairns show late last year!!!  Check out the tour dates below to…Read more


“Goooood Morning Country!!!”  Our latest album, Still in the Mountains Show, is about to be featured by Walshy all next week as Good Morning Country’s Album of the Week! 

Armed with 7 albums to GIVE AWAY, Walshy chats with…Read more