“Goooood Morning Country!!!”  Our latest album, Still in the Mountains Show, is about to be featured by Walshy all next week as Good Morning Country’s Album of the Week! 

Armed with 7 albums to GIVE AWAY, Walshy chats with Goat Boy & Goat Girl every morning about the album, the band, the year ahead and he will even put them on the couch for a psych session!!! 

This album feature will be broadcast across the nation on approximately 80 networks, so most of you Goat fans have a chance to tune in… stations syndicating the show can be found at Good Morning Country  (times will vary from station to station)

Now you must go set your alarm clock, write a memo in your diary or staple a note to your forehead to remind yourself to tune in daily from Monday 31st March – Friday 4th April for your chance to win a copy of the featured album!