Down Foggy Mountain: CD
  • Down Foggy Mountain: CD
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DOWN FOGGY MOUNTAIN … is our 3rd record following on from Out of the Mountains Show & Still in the Mountains Show. Recorded at Foggy Mountain Studios in the Hunter Valley, we’ve pushed our boundaries and handed our arrangements of old timey, traditional folk music over to the legendary Nash Chambers to twist and produce these 12 songs into an album. With his knowledge and influences combined with our passion for keeping real music alive, this one sets itself apart from the first 2, continuing to progress through the ages of roots music we love to explore.

Venturing “out of the mountains” a bit more, we’re touching on the Hokum Blues/Minstrelsy era that saw music combined with humour, dance and dialogue, which created an “all round entertainment” factor that we embrace in our live performance today. Its’ influences of Irish and Scottish folk music fused with African rhythms, are the same main influences of Appalachian Mountain Music, yet this music was formed in lowland areas east of the ranges. Due to most of the old time music being recorded in the Appalachian region in the 1920’s, the genre of “old time” has been pinned to Appalachia, contrary to its’ origins.

The material on this record has been collected from different areas and eras, yet there is a common thread that weaves the album together. Rhythms, harmony, passion and a sense of family all recorded live and captured down Foggy Mountain.

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