Old Jack's Bones: CD
  • Old Jack's Bones: CD
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Release date 19th January 2018

...Old Jack’s Bones is our 4th studio album capturing our passion and telling the tale of Old Time String-band Music and Appalachian Folk. This isolated music evolved up in the Blue Ridge Mountains as waves of settlers seeking their own land came down the Great Wagon Road from Pennsylvania into SW Virginia between 1730 & 1830. These Scotch-Irish and Germans met with English and African families that were heading west from the older coastal Tidewater settlements making the Blue Ridge the first American Frontier. This saw a blending of culture, rhythms and religion creating a new American sound with fiddle, banjo, dulcimer, ballads and tunes.

After touring these immigrant songs and stories to you over the last 7 years, we recently spent 5 weeks in the Blue Ridge Mountains rifling through museums, archives, venues, towns and universities for inspiration and confirmation that the tales we tell are true…. And we’re glad to report that YES, 99.9% of our gathered knowledge is fact. It’s evident our passion and thirst for seeking out the history and reviving these old timey songs is gaining momentum as we release this to you, our latest album, Old Jack’s Bones. Hope you enjoy this as much as we’re enjoying our journey! xxx

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